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Integrating ELSA with ASP.NET Zero (Angular)

Elsa is a great open source .NET Standard workflows library. Elsa allows creation of workflows by code, by JSON definition or by its workflow designer UI. In this document, we will basically integrate Elsa with ASP.NET Zero and create a simple workflow following official Elsa Dashboard + Server document.

13 June 2023

Converting Create/Edit Modal to Page (Angular)

How to convert AspNet Zero's tenant create & edit modals to regular Angular pages.

02 March 2022

File Upload Tutorial (Angular)

Use file upload in ASP.NET Zero project

02 March 2022

Sign In Without Specifying Tenant (Angular)

How to implement tenant information independent login

02 March 2022

DevExpress Reporting (Angular)

Integrate DevExpress Reporting to ASP.NET Zero (ASP.NET Core version) step by step.

02 March 2022

Using ASP.NET Zero with DevExtreme (Angular)

We will create a sample phonebook application based on ASP.NET Zero (ASP.NET Core & Angular version) step by step

02 March 2022

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