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ASP.NET Core Posts

Mastering Multi-lingual Database Design in ASP.NET Core with EF Core

This post explores different approaches, their pros and cons, and dives into implementing them in ASP.NET Core using Entity Framework Core (EF Core) with code examples.

ASP.NET Core Configuration

In the dynamic world of web development, configuring applications effectively is crucial for adaptability and maintainability

06 March 2024

Integrating Azure Active Directory with ASP.NET Zero

Adding Azure Active Directory to your ASP.NET Zero project is a quick and effective way to ensure a secure authentication process. After the basic App Registration steps in the Azure Active Directory (AD), you will take just a few steps to implement OpenID integration in your ASP.NET Zero project.

06 February 2024

ASP.NET Core Localization

ASP.NET Core localization is a feature that allows applications to support multiple languages and cultures, making it easier to reach a global audience.

14 March 2023

ASP.NET Zero Awarded As One of the Best 5 Application Development Tools by get app logo Learn More

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