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Integrating Microsoft Entra ID (Active Directory) with ASP.NET Zero

Adding Microsoft Entra ID to your ASP.NET Zero project is a quick and effective way to ensure a secure authentication process. After the basic App Registration steps in the Microsoft Entra ID (AD), you will take just a few steps to implement OpenID integration in your ASP.NET Zero project.

06 February 2024

HTTP-Only Cookies in ASP.NET Zero Angular UI

HttpOnly cookies are a type of cookie that can only be accessed and manipulated by the server through HTTP requests, not by JavaScript or client-side code. They enhance security by preventing cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks that could steal sensitive information stored in cookies.

31 January 2024

HTTP-Only Anti-Forgery Token in ASP.NET Zero

What is AntiForgerty token, why it's so important and how to set AntiForgery cookie HttpOnly in ASP.NET Zero

09 March 2023

Persist Data Protection Keys to Database

Persist Data Protection Keys to Database

24 October 2022

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