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Introducing ASP.NET Zero v.12.4

ASP.NET Zero v12.4: Enhanced finding user feature, fixing ui bugs, and minor features. Power Tools: Adding typeahead (autocomplete) feature for master detail pages, unlock ASP.NET Zero Power Tools!

19 October 2023

Introducing ASP.NET Zero v12.3

ASP.NET Zero v12.3: Enhanced authentication with OpenIddict, Angular 16 upgrade, Power Tools Oracle DB integration, logo uploads, Elsa workflow synergy, and improved MAUI app support. Empowering exceptional web apps.

10 August 2023

Integrating ELSA with ASP.NET Zero (Angular)

Elsa is a great open source .NET Standard workflows library. Elsa allows creation of workflows by code, by JSON definition or by its workflow designer UI. In this document, we will basically integrate Elsa with ASP.NET Zero and create a simple workflow following official Elsa Dashboard + Server document.

13 June 2023

Introducing ASP.NET Zero v.12.2

Introducing ASP.NET Zero's latest release! Xamarin to MAUI migration, bug fixes, and minor features. Power Tools: Revolutionize UI testing with streamlined automation. Effortlessly generate tests in a few clicks. Analyze UI, automate test cases, save time. Embrace efficiency, upgrade workflow, unlock ASP.NET Zero Power Tools!

30 May 2023

ASP.NET Core Localization

ASP.NET Core localization is a feature that allows applications to support multiple languages and cultures, making it easier to reach a global audience.

14 March 2023

HTTP-Only Anti-Forgery Token in ASP.NET Zero

What is AntiForgerty token, why it's so important and how to set AntiForgery cookie HttpOnly in ASP.NET Zero

09 March 2023

Using Telerik ASP.NET Core with ASP.NET Zero

In this article we will see how we can integrate the **Telerik UI** for ASP.NET Core (Kendo) components with our **Asp.Net Zero** MVC app

20 December 2022

Persist Data Protection Keys to Database

Persist Data Protection Keys to Database

24 October 2022

Running Load Test on ASP.NET Zero

Load testing generally refers to the practice of modeling the expected usage of a software program by simulating multiple users accessing the program concurrently. I will try to explain you how to load test authenticate endpoint on an ASP.NET Zero app.

02 June 2022

Converting Create/Edit Modal to Page (Mvc)

How to convert AspNet Zero's tenant create & edit modals to regular mvc pages.

02 March 2022

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