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Customers trust ASP.NET Zero to solve their challenges and pain points and enable them to build their web applications hassle-free. Explore their journeys now.



Zwapgrid app screenshot
IT Services, IPAAS

How Zwapgrid achieved 50% reduction in software development costs

Zwapgrid is an IPAAS (Integration Platform As A Service) company, started about 5 years ago with the mission to help software companies and others to integrate in a much simpler, better, and more cost/time-efficient manner.

Dennis Holmer

Dennis Holmer

CTO & Co-founder

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“Simply the best starting point for your next ASP.NET Core web application”

We create fast to market web applications for our partners and clients using ASP.NET Zero. It's a perfect solution for this. Even first non-functional prototypes looks great from the start.

The standard features are a welcome starting point. You can start adding your own functionality right away without worrying about authentication, user/role management, logging etc. etc.

Jeroen G.

CTO at Information Technology and Services

Used the software for: 2+ years

“Fastest way from idea to production”

Very confortable!

Asp.Net Zero does exactly what it says. Cover all "boirlplates" side of a product with a very good, clean and esasy to use architecture. Is desigend with many rich feature in mind and covers many enterprise needs. Help desk very good and fast.

Ivano M.

Developer Team Leader
Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years



How Workiom launched SaaS product MVP in only 20 days with ASP.NET Zero

Workiom is a fully customizable SaaS (Software as Service) platform providing solutions like CRM, Task Management, Order Management. All connected, all in one place.

Omer Rabbat

Omer Rabbat

Co-founder & CEO

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Workiom app screenshot
Enterprise Software (SaaS)

"Flexibility, simplicity and power"

ASP.NET ZERO is an awesome example of the starting point of an enterprise product. Built using the excellent ABP framework that delivers best practice, flexibility, simplicity and power all in one package. ASP.NET ZERO has allowed me to focus on the business requirements safe in the knowledge that the scaffolding for this is already in place.

Donovan Edye

Founder Natiki Web Solutions

Solution Architect at OzCruising

"It's ultra modern"

ASP.NET ZERO is a stunning example of what modern ASP.NET MVC5 applications are capable of. It's a sublime blend of form and function. New applications can be delivered literally months faster. It's supremely testable and scalable, and with Metronic for the UI, it's ultra modern. The savings and advantages are incalculable.

Michael Hornaday

Solutions Architect at Izenda



Softwareuno app screenshot
Nursing, Assistance and People’s Care

How Softwareuno became the best at its market segmentation

ASP.NET Zero became Softwareuno’s reference framework for all the products they offer, both on-site and on the cloud, for the management of the electronic medical records and the treatment process of the patients.

Paolo Galfione

Paolo Galfione


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"An intelligent and mature framework"

After a horrible experience with other application frameworks, we found ASP.NET ZERO and couldn’t believe, these guys read our minds, Tens of enterprise features with clean architecture and neat design in one solution. It was perfect decision to go with ASP.NET ZERO, the return of investment was way higher than the cost of this golden package itself, including productivity tools and mobile app make it a complete solution, fit for most of LOB solutions.

These guys have fantastic support, listen to our feedback and react very fast.

I always recommend ASP.NET ZERO for business applications “Zero First” Mind set 😊, really it will save your time.

Mohammed Rashed

Solution Architect at

“Excellent ASP.NET Core / Angular starting point for web applications”

I am very pleased with ASP.NET Zero. Of course, there are things I wish It either did differently or had for functionality. But it is the best starting point for web applications I have ever found. I fully recommend.

I really enjoy developing with ASP.NET Zero. It allowed me to get up and started with some of the more basic features I would put into a web application, such as security, authentication, role management, and a starting point for the front-end using Angular. I fully recommend ASP.NET Zero as an excellent starting point for web applications.

Joe L.

CEO at Computer Software

Used the software for: 2+ years


City of Portland

How the City of Portland developed high quality and secure Public Safety application with localized UI

City of Portland - Public Safety used ASP.NET Zero to develop a public-facing statewide solution for Sexual Assault Kit Tracking with localized UI in English, Spanish, and French. They implemented it as a single tenant with multiple organizations.

Ed Arib

Ed Arib

Manager of Public Safety Application Development

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City of Portland app screenshot
City Government

"We had a great overall experience using ASP.NET ZERO"

ASP.NET ZERO helped us efficiently kickstart KeyReply's backend development. The core features are well designed and they covered most of our basic business needs for a multi-tenant SaaS solution. The documentation is easy to follow, even for someone with limited .NET experience. We had a great overall experience using ASP.NET Zero.

Max Xu

Co-founder of Keyreply

"An intelligent and mature framework"

ASP.NET ZERO is an intelligent and mature framework. It is thoughtfully crafted to provide a perfect foundation for enterprise & SaaS applications. Customers love this open source framework as it enables faster time to market. With, we could deliver key applications based on ASP.NET ZERO in a variety of domains to 25+ global customers successfully.

Omkar Choudhari

CTO at



Chocolatey app screenshot
Software Product / Open Source

Why Chocolatey Software wish they had found the ASP.NET Zero sooner

ASP.NET Zero has really allowed us to focus on what we wanted to deliver to customers and not need to manage all of the boilerplate infrastructures that we would have needed to get implemented first. It allowed us to concentrate on customer problems near immediately instead of first building a framework.

Rob Reynolds

Rob Reynolds


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“Helped in Quick starting the project”

Glad that we chose AspNetZero. It is like hiring a dedicated team of 10 developers working for us for almost free!

Saved at least 6 months of initial effort Repository pattern is handy

Ajay K.

Lead Developer
Logistics and Supply Chain, 1-10 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

“Easy to customise with great support”

It has quite good documentation, and easy to customise. It provide an excellent base to add functions to fulfil our need.

Jian Y.

Computer Software, 1-10 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

"A great start for our new project"

A great start for our new project. The speed of development and quality of the product is much better than any self-architected approach.

Ole Eirik Øren

Developer at Tempus


Battle tested and complete solution. Very good support when you have a question. Works solid and codebase works also as great exemplar code.

Dave P.

Senior Programmer
Information Technology and Services, 5001-10,000 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

“It was a great experience using ASP.NET Zero”

I haven't found a solution in the market that helps me kickstart my project the way ASP.NET Zero did, it boosted our productivity 200%, was well designed, well documented with a very little learning curve.

Nadir Firfire

Co-Founder - CEO
Atlantic Solutions

Happy to Work With Customers from 120+ Countries

Here are some of our customers that have entrusted us with their brand.

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Here are some of our clients that have entrusted us with their brand.

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