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Company Name Zwapgrid AB


Industry IT Services, IPAAS

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Employees 11-50 employees

Contact Dennis Holmer, CTO & Co-founder

'We're very satisfied with the entire ASP.NET Zero product. We can focus our efforts on our own products instead of building basic features like accounts and language support. Their support is great as well and they provide good opportunities to affect the core features by creating issues or pull requests to the GitHub repositories. The pricing is also fantastic. We're sticking to ASP.NET Zero, and looking forward to new and exciting features!’

Dennis Holmer

CTO & Co-founder

How Zwapgrid achieved 50% reduction in software development costs

Zwapgrid is an IPAAS (Integration Platform As A Service) company, started about 5 years ago with the mission to help software companies and others to integrate in a much simpler, better, and more cost/time-efficient manner.

The development team is responsible for building and maintaining the entire product including infrastructure, deployments, and code.

The Product built with ASP.NET Zero

Zwapgrid has been using ASP.NET Zero as the base for the entire IPAAS solution. Its customers log in to the cloud service and set up cloud integrations between any of their systems.

The Challenge

Zwapgrid had a limited software development team when they started to develop their IPAAS product. They struggled to build and maintain all the required modules (accounts, language, tenants, etc.) and complete them within the planned time-frame. They could not consider growing the development team owing to a lack of money.

The Solution

After having an uphill struggle, Zwapgrid decided to continue with an application template that offers all these modules in pre-built pages. Zwapgrid threw almost everything from the first prototype out the window and rebuilt it on top of ASP.NET Zero with the well-thought-out implementation process.

The Result

Zwapgrid saved 5-10 developers needed to provide and develop all features provided by ASP.NET Zero, this means they would need about 2x developers as they currently have. Hence, Zwapgrid reduced the development of spending by 50%.

ASP.NET Zero helped Zwapgrid to address everything needed to keep a great user experience while letting their developers focus on the actual product challenges.

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