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Company Name Workiom, Inc.


Industry Enterprise Software (SaaS)

Location Delaware, United States

Employees 2-10 employees

Contact Omer Rabbat, Co-founder & CEO
Sinan Hatahet, Co-founder & CEO
Waleed Taleb, Co-founder & CEO

‘Use the tools that can help you reach the market faster and get feedback as early as possible. And ASP.NET Zero is one of the best that can help you do that if your stack is .Net.’

Omer Rabbat

Co-founder & CEO

How Workiom launched SaaS product MVP in only 20 days with ASP.NET Zero

Workiom is a cloud-based business management platform focusing on providing SMEs the best tools for managing their teams & data.

The team has 8 people working full time including 3 co-founders. The team is providing a database & collaboration tool for non-developers.

The Product built with ASP.NET Zero

Workiom is a fully customizable SaaS (Software as Service) platform providing solutions like CRM, Task Management, Order Management. All connected, all in one place.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Workiom as a startup company wanted to reach the market quickly and try to get feedback as early as possible, which is a very important aspect of the success or failure of a company.

The Solution

ASP.NET Zero helped Workiom reach the marketing quickly by allowing them to focus on their product's logic and to pass so many modules needed lots of time to develop in-house. They just got and signed up for the ASP.NET Zero license first then downloaded source code and started building on top of it.

The Outcome

Workiom was expecting an extra delay from 4 to 6 months to launch their MVP, which was at the time more than 50% of their initial budget for the MVP with the exact same output/product. However, they launched their MVP (minimum viable product) in 20 days only with ASP.NET Zero and started collecting early feedback.

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