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Company Name Softwareuno INS


Industry Nursing, Assistance and People’s Care

Location Borgoricco, Italy

Employees 11-50 employees

Contact Paolo Galfione, CEO

‘Towards the end of 2016, when we researched ASP.NET Boilerplate and ASP.NET Zero deeper, we liked the framework a lot and we were amazed by the passion of Halil Ibrahim Kalkan. We trusted the project because it seemed a good idea and something like it was missing in Microsoft technologies. We are happy ASP.NET Zero became a successful framework and one of the most used technologies in the Microsoft environment.’

Paolo Galfione


How Softwareuno became the best at its market segmentation

Softwareuno has been developing application software for Italian care facilities for the last 30 years by creating ERP systems and developing products for both the management of electronic medical records and for business processes support.

Their practical experience allowed them to achieve a deep understanding of their clients’ needs (assisted living facilities, adult daycare centers, services for the disabled, hospice care, retirement homes) in order to guide them through the digitization process. “We carefully assist who carefully assists” is their mission. For them, digital innovation is a tool that will facilitate growth and the organizational change yet allowing the continuity of operation.

The Softwareuno team is made by 20 developers, 20 assistants, 6 sales representatives. Their main project is an application for the management of he care plan in structures that host chronic patients and elderly people. Their product allows them to manage both home care services and residential services for retirement homes and day hospitals.

Softwareuno only has one application branch; however, their product is highly customizable to the needs of every customer.

The Product built with ASP.NET Zero

ASP.NET Zero became Softwareuno’s reference framework for all the products they offer, both on-site and on the cloud, for the management of the electronic medical records and the treatment process of the patients.

The Challenge

Before implementing ASP.NET Zero, Softwareuno was dealing with a rigid application that over time stratified on the different technologies ranging from 2005 to 2015. The software was compact and poorly structured, the business code was repeated and often paired with the user interface.

The Solution

Thanks to ASP.NET Boilerplate and ASP.NET Zero, they were able to create an application with a modular and ordered architecture in which they could implement the business logic utilizing the Domain-Driven Design principles.

ASP.NET Zero satisfied most of the functional and technological requisites that Softwareuno identified as necessary in order to replan their application core. It allowed them to accelerate the rewriting process and it gave them a great point of reference for the writing of better code.

The modular architecture at the basis of ASP.NET Zero allowed them to realize a gradual migration plan from the old applications, and to immediately implement the new functionalities that were meant to initially supplement the older ones.

The Outcome

Softwareuno’s customers that upgraded to the new application are very satisfied and the negotiations with new clients revealed that their product is finally considered the best in its market segment.

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