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City of Portland

Company Name City of Portland - Public Safety


Industry City Government

Location Portland, Oregon, United States

Employees5,001-10,000 employees

Contact Ed Arib, Manager of Public Safety Application Development

‘ASP.NET Zero has allowed us to deliver a high-quality application in a short time by leveraging the base solution that provides all the basic features such as Authentication (including 2FA), Authorization, Auditing, User and Role management, and Chat. It also provides all the management tools for the administrators. It also comes with a Power Tool that generates entities with UI including export and searches functionality. The best part is that the solution is provided as a source code so it can be customized even further. I am glad we discovered ASP.NET Zero, saving us months of development and testing time.’

Ed Arib

Manager of Public Safety Application Development

How the City of Portland developed high quality and secure Public Safety application with localized UI

The Government of Portland, Oregon, a city in the U.S. state of Oregon, is based on a city commission government system. The city's public safety is made up of the Portland Police Bureau, Portland Fire & Rescue, Bureau of Emergency Management and the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management. The Public Safety Technology Division’s mission is to serve those who serve.

The teams of the City of Portland are distributed across different public safety bureaus supporting specific needs. They vary in size based on the projects and use mostly Microsoft technologies: SQL Server, ASP.NET, WPF, C#, Xamarin. They use functional teams with intimate business knowledge. Most team sizes are small. One team is responsible for delivering desktop, web, and mobile lines of business applications for Public Safety: Police, Fire & Rescue, and 911.

The Product built with ASP.NET Zero

City of Portland - Public Safety used ASP.NET Zero to develop a public-facing statewide solution for Sexual Assault Kit Tracking with localized UI in English, Spanish, and French. They implemented it as a single tenant with multiple organizations.

The Challenge

The pain points that City of Portland is experiencing which led them to use ASP.NET Zero are the requirements of delivering high quality, secure applications with limited resources in a small-time.

The Solution

ASP.NET Zero has allowed them to start projects using already implemented best practices with the most common features out of the box. It allowed them to focus on the business requirements right away. They have leveraged the ASP.NET Zero Power Tools tremendously to create a fully working, production-ready pages within a few clicks.

They clearly stated that ‘Using ASP.NET Zero is like having a dedicated team working for us, adding features, and applying fixes. The best part is that we get the full source code for our projects. The ASP.NET Zero customers are also active in reporting issues and proposing enhancements. The support team has also been very responsive answering our questions and help us resolve issues.

With the provided project template and documentation with examples, it was very easy to get started with ASP.NET Zero. We first spent time understanding the provided solution structure and associated configuration options. Once we were comfortable using it we started exploring the ASP.NET Zero Power Tools capabilities to accelerate our development even further. Since the solution is provided as a source code we also learned from the implementation of the base application.’

The Outcome

Faster time to market (at least 5X) with limited resources. The base solution alone saved about 6 months or more of development time.

What’s Next?

Their future goal is to have more developers well versed in using ASP.NET Zero. They also plan on building a multi-tenant application. They are also working on an iPad application leveraging the authentication and authorization of ASP.NET Zero.

Product Visuals

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