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Introducing ASP.NET Zero v12.3

Introducing ASP.NET Zero v12.3

We're thrilled to introduce ASP.NET Zero v12.3, the latest version of our flagship framework that continues to revolutionize web development. With a focus on seamless integration, enhanced capabilities, and improved user experience, this release brings a plethora of features to help you build robust and innovative applications. Let's delve into the highlights:

🆔 OpenIddict Integration: Enhancing Authentication and Authorization


As you may know, ASP.NET Zero ended using the Identity Server as the default authentication and authorization provider in v12.0. However, we've received feedback from our customers that they need to use a authentication and authorization provider that is lightweight and easier to configure. That's why we've decided to integrate OpenIddict, a simple yet powerful OpenID Connect server, into ASP.NET Zero.

Incorporating OpenIddict into ASP.NET Zero v12.3 marks a significant step forward in authentication and authorization. With OpenIddict integration, now you can use your ASP.NET Zero application as an authentication server. This allows you to easily implement OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocols. For more information about OpenIddict, you can check its GitHub repository and its documentation.

🌅 Upgrade to Angular 16: Embracing the Latest Technologies

Angular 16

Innovation never stops, and neither does ASP.NET Zero. With the upgrade to Angular 16, you gain access to cutting-edge features and performance enhancements. This transition underscores our commitment to staying current with technology trends and providing you with a robust development environment.

🎆 Upgrade to ABP 8.3: Harnessing the Power of the Latest ASP.NET Boilerplate

ABP 8.3 introduces a host of enhancements, including improved performance, enhanced security, and streamlined development. Notably, Castle.Windsor has been updated to 6.0 which was waited for a long time. Leverage these updates to harness the latest technologies and capabilities for crafting exceptional applications.

🏹 Power Tools: Loading Entity Data from Oracle Databases

We're excited to announce a new capability in Power Tools – the ability to load entity data from Oracle databases. This enhancement streamlines data management, making it seamless to connect and retrieve information from Oracle databases. You can now easily create your entities and CRUD pages from Oracle databases, saving you time and effort.

This feature allows you to automatically generate CRUD pages in ASP.NET Zero for your legacy application which uses an Oracle database.

⛄️ Power Tools: Overriding Application Services with Partial Classes

ASP.NET Zero v12.3 introduces a new feature in Power Tools that allows you to override application services with partial classes. This capability enables you to extend the functionality of application services without modifying the original code automatically generated by ASP.NET Zero Power Tools. You can now add your custom code to the partial class, which will be merged with the original class at runtime. So, your custom changes will not be overwritten when you regenerate any entity using ASP.NET Zero Power Tools.

🏰 Logo Management: Logo Icon Upload

Logo Icon Upload

In response to user demand, ASP.NET Zero v12.3 introduces support for logo icon upload. This feature allows you to upload your logo icon and display it in the top left corner of the application. You can also upload a logo icon for each tenant, which will be displayed in the top left corner of the tenant's page. That feature supports both light and dark themes.

🍀 New Blog Post: Elsa Integration with AspNet Zero Angular UI


We published a new blog post to explain integration of Elsa worflow library with AspNet Zero Angular UI. Elsa, a dynamic workflow automation system, seamlessly integrates with the powerful Angular UI of ASP.NET Zero. Look at this blog post and explore how it enhances your application's capabilities.

📱 Addressing Maui App Landscape Tablet Issues: A User-Centric Approach

Our dedication to user experience extends to all platforms, including MAUI apps on landscape-oriented tablets. ASP.NET Zero v12.3 acknowledges and addresses landscape tablet issues, ensuring that your applications maintain their functionality and user-friendliness across various device orientations. We believe in delivering a consistent experience to your users, regardless of how they access your application.

🙏 Conclusion

With ASP.NET Zero v12.3, we've raised the bar yet again. From enhanced authentication to innovative integrations and improved user experience, this release empowers you to build exceptional applications. Explore the new features, harness the power of seamless integrations, and continue to create software that makes a difference.

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